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A Tour Round The Hamburg Methodist Church

With Reverend Uwe Onnen
  • Place: Gemeinde Hamburg Bethanien-Kirche, Martinistraße 45-49, 20251 Hamburg
  • Time:05:30 p.m.

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Project by Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

  • Place: Fiskalische Straße 2, 21109 Hamburg
  • Time: 03:30 p.m.
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The Energy Hill Georgswerder rises 40 metres above sea level, giving a breathtaking view from the southside of Hamburg to the city centre.

What lies beneath this site, is what it is all about: Seven million cubic metre of waste lie beneath a revegitated protective barrier.

A fascinating place with a unique history. It started after World War II: Pits, originating from clay mining for the production of bricks, is used for disposal of rubble.

With the start of the German Wirtschaftswunder ("economic miracle") in the 1950s, not just the income grew, but also the amount of rubbish.

Slowly, the rubbish hill starts to grow into a landfill. Besides household rubbish, chemical toxic waste is discarded on landfill grounds.

The landfill is finally closed in 1979. In the future, rubbish will be incinerated. Plans are made to convert the site into a public park.

However, landfill gas, generated through decomposition inside the former landfill, leaks to the surface.

In 1983, dioxins are found at parts of the site, leading to an investigation, plan of action, and citizen protests.

Through an extensive construction phase the site was finally secured, leakage and groundwater are being decontaminated to this day using a costly process.

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